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about us

Integrity. Commitment. Innovative. Visionary.

Are just some of the terms that describe Albert Barrientos and his company. We are committed to bringing you, your vision, for your home or business. 



Albert had a dream for twenty years of wanting to own and operate a construction business. It did take some time. Which did allow us to brew and tailor our craftsmanship towards our clients. We are family driven and committed to our community in the Panhandle. Albert had a dream and we know you do too. Let us make your dream come true, we know that’s cheesy, but we do want you to achieve the vision that you’ve dreamt about. Treating you like family, being committed to the purpose, innovating your current home or business, and breathing new life into your space is just the start you will have with us. We are excited to a create a long-lasting relationship and bring you excellence in every step of our process. 

Owner and operater of Barrientos Renovation and Construction
Albert & Jennifer Barrientos, founders of Barrientos Renovation and Construciton, LLC. Both proud parents of four children, who enjoy family time, and in their spare time they travel. 

What we have done

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